Introducing VOYAGER Kids Club

Where Every Moment is a Celebration!

At VOYAGER Kids Club, we believe in turning every holiday into a joyful adventure for your little ones. Our carefully designed club ensures maximum comfort for families with small and big children, offering an array of activities tailored for two distinct age groups: The 4-7 age group and the 7-12 age group. It’s not just a kids’ club; it’s a haven for making new friends, engaging in exciting child-appropriate activities, and creating unforgettable memories.


Game Room: "Game On at VOYAGER: Where Fun Knows No Limits!"

Step into a world of endless fun and laughter with our dedicated game room. Equipped with the latest games and interactive activities, it’s a space where imagination knows no bounds. 

Movie Theatre: "VOYAGER Kids Club: Lights, Camera, Happy!"

Let your kids immerse themselves in the enchanting world of cinema at our state-of-the-art movie theatre. From animated classics to the latest family-friendly releases, every movie becomes a magical experience.

Outdoor Activity Area: "VOYAGER - Where Nature and Play Unite!"

Nature becomes the backdrop for adventure at our outdoor activity area. From treasure hunts to nature walks, there’s always an opportunity for outdoor exploration. 

Mini Sport Field: "VOYAGER Kids Club: Where Little Champions Are Born!"​

Fueling the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship, our mini sport field is the perfect arena for little athletes to shine. From mini-soccer to friendly competitions, every child becomes a champion.

Captivating Animation Program: "VOYAGER - Where Imagination Takes the Stage!"

Our professional animation team brings stories to life with energy and flair. Through lively characters, interactive storytelling, and engaging performances, we ensure that every moment is not just entertaining but an integral part of a magical journey.

Creative Activities Wonderland: "VOYAGER Kids Club: Where Every Creation is a Masterpiece!"

Nurture the budding artist within your child through a spectrum of creative activities. From whimsical arts and crafts to magical workshops, VOYAGER Kids Club is a wonderland where each child’s unique creativity is celebrated and encouraged.

Culinary Delights Fit for Royalty: "VOYAGER - Where Every Bite is a Taste of Happiness!"

Our restaurants are not just places to dine; they are culinary havens tailored for young palates. Kid’s meals at VOYAGER are not just tasty; they’re a feast of colors and flavors, turning each dining experience into a culinary adventure. 

Surprises Around Every Corner: "VOYAGER Kids Club: Where Smiles Begin with Surprises!"

At VOYAGER Kids Club, surprises are not just occasional; they’re woven into the fabric of our magical world. From unexpected treats to secret hideaways, every corner holds the promise of delight, ensuring that each visit is a journey of endless surprises. 

In the heart of VOYAGER Kids Club, every child is not just a guest; they are the protagonists of their own magical tale. Join us in creating memories that transcend time and leave an indelible mark on the canvas of your child’s heart. At VOYAGER Kids Club, the magic is real, and the joy is boundless!